Vellidis Research Group

A dynamic blend of engineers and scientists at the University of Georgia working on the sustainability of agricultural production systems.

UGA Tifton Campus Academic Programs

In addition to his research responsibilities, Dr. Vellidis also serves as Coordinator of Academic Programs at UGA-Tifton. The campus’ world-renowned scientists are the teachers; its laboratories, fields and region are the classrooms. UGA-Tifton is bringing more UGA degrees closer to home for many in south Georgia.

Undergraduate Programs at UGA-Tifton

Graduate Programs at UGA-Tifton

There are approximately 120 to 140 graduate students resident on the Tifton campus pursing degrees in one of 17 graduate programs. Some of the programs can be completed entirely on the Tifton campus while others may require students to spend a semester or two on the Athens campus to complete specialized coursework. Click here to learn more.

Dual M.S. Degree (University of Georgia and the University of Padova in Italy)