Dr. Vellidis teaches three courses to students on the University of Georgia’s Athens, Griffin, and Tifton campuses. The courses are taken by students from a variety of majors.

Principles of Precision Agriculture

CRSS 3030
3 hours: 2 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.

Students who successfully complete this course will have a good understanding of the principles of precision agriculture, the ability to design and implement simple precision agriculture management plans, and the experience to use key precision agriculture tools and technologies.

Advanced Topics in Precision Agriculture

CRSS 4060/6060-4060L/6060L
3 hours: 2 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.

Concepts and analytical techniques used in precision agriculture to make management decisions, such as geostatistics to analyze georeferenced data, development of management zones, integration of sensors with real-time control systems, and big data analytics. Lab exercises will provide experiential learning of topics covered during lectures.

Introduction to Water Quality

CRSS 3050
4 hours per week.

Co-taught with Drs. Dory Franklin and Jack Huang

Provides basic information on the physical, chemical, biological, and anthropogenic factors affecting water quality, fate, and transport of contaminants in water, and approaches for water quality assessment and management.